In Age of Mythology, a Random Map Script is the combination of the *.xs and *.xml file required to play a certain Random Map. Random map scripts can be created through the act of Random Map Scripting. The ingame lobby supports an immediate download and update of RMS-Files so that they can be shared online easily. Just like with scenario files the moment a host chooses a map one or all other players are missing, they'll be asked if they want to download it or kicked out of the room. An exception are the official RMS-Maps which are irreplaceable even when altered through the host.

Random Map Scripting Edit

Random Map Scripting, or RMS, is the act of creating Random Map Scripts. Random map scripts usually create a similar map every time, but vary with spawn location and partly randomize the amount of resources spawned. This allows for an exploratory game, since the players do not know where their bases, resources and how the map layout is spawned. On the other hand, it allows the choice of an RMS to play to predefine if the game played is going to rely highly on fishing, hunting, or is a map scarce of food, among the availability and amount of other resources and further specifications.

File Location Edit

In Age of Mythology the standard RMS-files are located in Age of Mythology\rm, or for the expansion \rm2. Custom RMS-files are located in Documents\My Games\Age of Mythology\RM.

File Formats Edit

Each random map consists of at least two files. The RMS itself is an *.xs-file, while a descriptive text and imagepath for the menue is hold as an *.xml with the otherwise same filename. Furthermore, scripting can be outsourced into other includeable *.xs files, while *.set-files consist of map-sets to choose from randomly.

Sources for further RMS-Content Edit

RMS-Guide on

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