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Age of Empires II description

Random Map is the primary game mode throughout the games of the Age of Empires series. In the mode, the player starts out with a map randomly generated for each game. The overall topography of the map remains the same on each map type, with different landscapes and landforms on every corner of the map. The size of the map and the number of players affect the generated terrain of the map.

Age of Empires Edit

The original Age of Empires offers four random map types:

The Rise of Rome Edit

The Rise of Rome introduces four new random maps:

Age of Empires II Edit

The second Age of Empires game features 14 random map types:

The Conquerors Edit

The Conquerors introduces 8 new random maps to the game.

Real-World Maps Edit

Additionally, The Conquerors introduces Real-World maps based on real locations around the world. While their geography is of fixed size and will always resemble their real-world counterpart, resources are randomly distributed around the map every time it's played.

Name Description Image
Britain Expect lots of naval combat in the North Sea and across the English Channel. RM AoC Britain
Byzantium Rome never truly fell, it just changed continents. RM AoC Byzantium
Central America The Aztecs and Mayans vie for domination of Central America with invaders from across the sea. RM AoC Caribbean
France Re-enact the Moslem invasion and the Hundred Years' War. RM AoC France
Iberia The Iberian Peninsula, including Spain and Portugal. RM AoC Iberia
Italy Rome has fallen and the peninsula is up for grabs. RM AoC Italy
Mideast Where continents, cultures and world religions collide. RM AoC Mideast
Norse Lands Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Holland. RM AoC Norse Lands
Sea of Japan (East Sea) Japanese warships and Korean Turtle Ships do battle in this rocky sea. RM AoC Japan
Texas Relive the classic Mayan and Korean skirmish in the Lone Star State. RM AoC Texas

Custom Maps Edit

Ensemble Studios created additional Custom Maps for The Conquerors that were originally available for download on the official website. They were later included with Patch 1.0c, Gold Edition and HD Edition. The filenames for all of maps begin with "ES@" to help players find them during multiplayer.

Name Description Image
Canals A network of canals creates a spider web effect as they try to connect every player’s starting town. RM ES@Canals
Capricious Starting food, gold and stone might be at normal levels, in short supply, or in abundance. Starting trees will always be the same. RM ES@Capricious
Dingos Villagers shepherd their flocks while avoiding rampaging wild animals. Lots of sheep, lots of wolves, no Scout. RM ES@Dingos
Graveyards Control weed-choked graveyards packed with scary trees and abandoned buildings that conceal resources and ancient relics. RM ES@Graveyards
Metropolis Control three Town Centers, three sets of villagers, three Scouts and three sets of resources! RM ES@Metropolis
Moats Each player’s town is surrounded by a narrow body of water with several land bridges for access and moats narrow enough for ranged units to fire across. RM ES@Moats
Paradise Island Start on a tropical island with your enemies. The map is loaded with fish, boars, and berries. Find the three relics at the base of the volcano in the center, but beware of the guardians! RM Paradise Island
Pilgrims Your starting island may be small, but there is a whole new world to discover! Hop in your Transport and race your enemies to the new world! RM ES@Pilgrims
Prairie Food is often scarce and there aren’t a lot of natural defenses, but your two Scouts can cover a lot of ground. RM ES@Prarie
Seasons Based on the 4 seasons in a year, with a 25% chance of loading up a Winter map, Spring map, Summer map, or Autumn map. RM ES@Seasons
Sherwood Forest Multiplayer only. Your town is surrounded by forests, yet you can walk freely through them. Use your hunting wolf to scout the terrain or for sneak attacks on your enemy’s villagers. RM ES@Sherwood Forest
Sherwood Heroes Single player version of Sherwood Forest. Start out with some familiar heroes. RM ES@Sherwood Forest
Shipwreck A few bruised villagers and their waterlogged sheep stranded on a desert island. RM ES@Shipwreck
Team Glaciers In the frozen north, each team must defend its own hunk of ice and snow against frequent enemy raids. Bad weather makes ships and walls rare, though strangely, this has led to a bumper crop of deer. RM ES@Team Glaciers
The Unknown Everything is random. Everything. From the moment the game starts, you have to scout (with a random number of Scouts, of course) to figure out whether you are on an island, a mainland, or inside a clearing of trees. RM ES@The Unknown

The Forgotten Edit

The Forgotton includes twelve standard maps, with many featuring a unique variation on standard gameplay. Three additional maps are also available only for Capture the Relic mode, as well as an option to randomly select between these maps.

Name Description Image
Acropolis Battle on the barren slopes of your base as you defend your hill and conquer the enemy's. RM AoF Acropolis
Budapest Two towns and a plethora of wildlife offer unconventionally intense battles.
Cenotes An open land studded with sinkholes but only a few clusters of trees. RM AoF Cenotes
City of Lakes An endless maze of lakes and rivers winding through a sparsely forested desert. RM AoF Land of Lakes
Golden Pit A ravine filled with gold beckons but its depths loom treacherously as enemies lie in wait on the other side.
Hideout A palisade wall provides only false comfort over the palpable feeling of enemy lurking just around the corner. RM AoF Hideout
Hill Fort A fortified stronghold perched on a mountain top may be virtually impregnable but scarce resources and lack of space drive players to expand their empires into the lowlands around. RM AoF Hill Fort
Lombardia A handful of cities on opposite ends of a wintry landscape must share, trade and coordinate in their efforts to defeat the enemy. RM AoF Lombardia
Steppe Dare you leave the safe shelter of the trees to hunt the graceful deer roaming the open ground?
Valley A dried up river stands between enemy towns but also poses an opportunity as animals gather there to gulp down the last drops. RM AoF Valley
MegaRandom Ever dreamed of an endlessly unpredictable map where anything is possible and nothing is guaranteed? Multiply it by ten and you have... MegaRandom RM AoF MegaRandom
Hamburger The ultimate Easter Egg map. Located on either side of the tasty burger, will you eat through it, or sail around the bun and surprise the enemy?
CtR Monsoon One of the three most challenging Capture the Relic maps. There is only limited space to build on as most of the map is covered in endless marshes, which in the coldest seasons turn to ice. The relic stands in the centre, enclosed in a sacred grove of trees.
CtR Pyramid Descent One of the three most challenging Capture the Relic maps. Players appear huddled up around the relic atop a vast pyramid but their monasteries lie all the way on the bottom stair.
CtR Spiral One of the three most challenging Capture the Relic maps. The center of the map has been engulfed in a spiral of deep waters and the only way to reach the relic is to follow the current in long and treacherous circles.

The African Kingdoms Edit

The African Kingdoms introduces 5 standard, 8 real world and 11 special maps to the game:

Standard Edit

Real World Edit

Special Edit

Rise of the Rajas Edit

Rise of the Rajas introduces 5 standard, 4 real-world nad 5 special maps to the game:

Standard Edit

Real World Edit

Special Edit

Map Sizes Edit

The maps in Age of Empires II are all square, and have the following sizes:

Map Size Dimensions
Tiny (2 players) 120x120 tiles
Small (3 players) 144x144 tiles
Medium (4 players) 168x168 tiles
Normal (6 players) 200x200 tiles
Large (8 players) 220x220 tiles
Giant 240x240 tiles
LudiKRIS 480x480 tiles

Note that the LudiKRIS map size was only introduced in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten, and is not found in the original game.

Age of Mythology Edit

There are thirty-six different map types in in the Random Map option:

Two additional maps were given away as pre-order bonuses for the game:

The TitansEdit

Tale of the DragonEdit

Age of Empires III Edit

There are seventeen different map types in in the Random Map option for the original game:

The War ChiefsEdit

The Asian DynastiesEdit

Gallery Edit

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