Rajput Icon
First appearanceThe Asian Dynasties
Heavy infantry
Cost100 foodIcon food
35 woodResources wood
AgeAges colonial Colonial Age
Base hit points150
Pop. use1
Line of Sight12
Resists20% vs. Melee
Melee damage18
Melee multipliersx3.0 vs. Cavalry
x2.25 vs. Light infantry
Siege damage20
Siege range6
Rate of Fire1.5 / 3.0 (Siege)
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The Rajput is an Indian infantry unit that is effective at countering cavalry in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. It wields a pair of pata blades in battle.

Overview Edit

The Rajput can be trained at the Barracks in the Colonial Age. The Rajput does melee damage so it is vulnerable when closing in on a target. It is not very significant compared to the Sepoy, which generally outperforms it, as the Sepoy has more hit points, a ranged attack, more siege attack, more line of sight and less cost. But the Rajput has slightly more hand attack, and more speed, making them useful in certain specific situations.

Upgrades Edit

The overall stats for Rajput can be improved by sending improvement-based shipments.

Disciplined RajputEdit

Disciplined Rajput is the first upgrade for the Rajput. It is available for 100 coinIcon coin and 300 woodResources wood once Fortress Age is reached.

Hit Points: +20% (180)
Hand Attack: +20% (21)
Siege Attack: +20% (24)

Honored RajputEdit

Honored Rajput is the second upgrade for the Rajput. It is available for 600 coinIcon coin and 600 woodResources wood once Industrial Age is reached.

Hit Points: +30% (225)
Hand Attack: +30% (27)
Siege Attack: +30% (30)

Exalted RajputEdit

Exalted Rajput is the third upgrade for the Rajput. It is available for 1500 coinIcon coin and 1500 woodResources wood once Imperial Age is reached.

Hit Points: +50% (300)
Hand Attack: +50% (36)
Siege Attack: +50% (40)

History Edit

"The Rajput was a primarily Hindu warrior caste located in the northwestern region of India once known as Rajputana, now Rajasthan. Taking great pride in their ancestry and its emphasis on military virtues, the Rajput grew in power until 1616, when all the major clans had no choice but to submit to the might of Akbar and his Mughal Empire.

The Rajput warriors were known for using the unique and deadly pata, a sword-like weapon where the blade and the gauntlet were integrated into a single piece that was held by the wielder. Earlier iterations of the pata were said to have started at 10 inches in length, with later variations reaching a length of nearly 44 inches. This sturdy blade was effective at repelling armored cavalry, but could also be used in assaults against infantrymen, swung and slashed like a traditional sword. Supposedly, Emperor Akbar himself used the pata in battle, most notably during the siege of Gujarat in 1576.

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