The Porcelain Tower is a Chinese Wonder in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. It automatically produces resources at an Age-specific rate.

Overview Edit

Upon construction, a player can select to produce a Wood, Coin, Food trickle, or a trickle of all resources at a lower rate (including Export and experience). There are no Home City cards related to the building.

In contrast to the European Factory, the Age advanced to by construction permanently determines the Porcelain Tower's trickle rate. For example, if built in the Colonial Age, it produces a Food trickle rate of 3.0/s and this will not increase when aging up further. Constructing it for advancing to Imperial Age is recommended. 

Statistics Edit

Colonial Age Fortress Age Industrial Age Imperial Age
Food 3.0/s 4.50/s 6.0/s 6.50/s
Wood 2.50/s


5.50/s 6.0/s
Coin 2.50/s 4.0/s 5.50/s 6.0/s
Combination 0.60/s food
0.60/s wood
0.60/s coin
0.18/s export
0.18 xp/s
(2.16 total)
1.25/s food
1.0/s wood
1.0/s coin
0.25/s export
0.25 xp/s
(3.75 total)
1.50/s food
1.10/s wood
1.10/s coin
0.40/s export
0.40 xp/s
(4.50 total)
1.50/s food
2.0/s wood
1.50/s coin
0.50/s export
0.50 xp/s
(6.0 total)

History Edit

"Located on the south bank of the Yangtze River in Nanjing, China, the Porcelain Tower was once considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The people of China called it Bao'ensi, or the "Temple of Gratitude,” but visiting Europeans called it the Porcelain Tower of Nanjing in reference to the tower's porcelain bricks.Rising from an octagonal base were nine stories that reached a final height of 260 feet. Although that height was impressive, what made the tower unforgettable were the brilliant white bricks that faced the tower. These bricks glittered in the sun by day and were illuminated by as many as 140 lamps by night. Colorful stoneware tiles with green, yellow, white, and brown glazes were worked into the porcelain panels to form the images of animals, landscapes, flowers, and bamboo.

The Porcelain Tower and other great temples were destroyed in the year 1900 by an invading Anglo-French force known as the Eight-Power Allied Forces. The tower is currently under reconstruction.

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