Pope and Antipope
Pope & antipope
Scenario Info
Game KingsIcon The Age of Kings
Campaign Barbarossa
Civilization Teutons
Color Red
Course of Campaign
Scenario No. 3
Previous Henry the Lion
Next The Lombard League
Pope and Antipope is the third scenario of the Barbarossa campaign in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. It is based on the Siege of Crema and the Siege of Milan, both being parts of the Wars of the Guelphs and Ghibellines.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Starting Conditions Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Convert the Cathedral in Milan.

Hints Edit

  • You are going to need villagers to provide a suitable offense.
  • The town of Crema is providing Milan with supplies. Perhaps you should take care of them early.

Players Edit

Player Edit

Allies Edit

  • Carcano (Teutons): Carcano starts up with a small fort in the north. They field some Teutonic Knights and Scorpions. They will be attacked several times by the River Guard, but will not ever cross the river themselves or lead an assault. They generally don't do much and won't send tribute to Barbarossa.

Enemies Edit

  • Crema (Britons): Crema has a small village in the east. They start out with a small army consisting of few Pikemen and Archers. They tribute resources to Milan over the course of the game and provide them material support.

Strategy Edit

Since you start with no villagers, you will need to convert some Cremian villagers to the east. Send your forces down there quickly to take out their soldiers and then use your monks to convert their villagers. Alternatively, you can change the diplomatic stance of your allies to convert Carcanian villagers instead. Use the villagers to build up a base. It is highly recommended to build a castle as early as possible since you will need many Teutonic Knights to defeat the River Guards and Milan in order to make your way to the Milanese Cathedral.

Later on, construct several docks so that you may build a navy and start attacking the River Guard (purple). Use Transport Ships to send units and attack their by land too. If you manage to attack them early, you might halt their attacks on Carcano (yellow). Once you have defeated the River Guard (purple), only the city of Milan (blue) remains. Use Siege weapons and Teutonic Knights to destroy their walls and enter the city. To easier defeat them, build up a small base on their side of the river from where you can send units faster (Among the buildings you should have a castle and a monastery) Once you have defeated the Milanese army, send in a monk to convert the Cathedral and you will win the scenario.

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