Pioneers is a Home City Card in Age of Empires III, available for every Civilizaton. It is found among the Cathedral-cards and can be sent in the Discovery Age.

The Dutch, Germans, Ottomans, British and Spanish require "Frontier Defenses"-card unlocked before unlocking Pioneers.

  • For all except British, unlocking Pioneers enables "Improved Buildings"-card to be unlocked.

Portuguese and Russians require "Colonial Militia"-card to be unlocked first.

  • Portuguese enables the unlocking of "TEAM Improved Walls"-card.
  • French are the only civilization that has Pioneers ready to be unlocked. The French also get to unlock "Improved Buildings"-card.
  • The Aztecs start with Pioneers in their deck.

This card increases Villager, Settler, Coureur des Bois and Settler Wagon hitpoints greatly.

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