Pilgrims map

Pilgrims is a bonus map in Age of Empires II.

This map is included with Patch 1.0c, Gold Edition and HD Edition, along with the rest of the custom maps of Ensemble Studios. The filenames for all of maps begin with "ES@" to help players find them during multiplayer.

Overview Edit

Your starting island may be small, but there is a whole new world to discover! Hop in your Transport and race your enemies to the new world!

Players start on an islet with a small amount of wood, 4 Sheep, 10 Villagers, a Lumber Camp, a Transport Ship and standard resources. They must migrate to a central, large island as quickly as possible, to collect more resources.

The mainland has many Wolves. There are neat amounts of fish, and the mainland has Turkeys, Deer and Wild Boars. Naval power can help in controlling the waterways, and exploiting the coastal resources.

Civilizations Edit

Good civilzations are ones with bonuses concerning their Villagers, such as the Koreans (extra LOS and improved stone mining) and the Magyars (Villagers can kill Wolves in one strike), as well as naval civilizations, such as the Vikings and the Japanese.

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