This article is about the unit in the handheld video game. For the unit in the PC game, see Phoenix.

The Phoenix is an Egyptian myth unit in Age of Empires: Mythologies available to worshipers of Thoth.

Special Ability Edit

Respawns free at the player's Shrine on their next turn after it was killed.

Statistics Edit

  • Train at: Shrine
  • Cost: 200 Gold, 60 Favor
  • Type: Myth Unit, Cavalry
  • Range: N/A
  • Attack: 50
  • Defense: 15
  • HP: 80
  • Movement: 6
  • Sight: 4

God Bonuses and Upgrades Edit

Specific Edit

  • Pure Flames (Thoth): gains +20% HP, +20% Attack and +5% Defense.

General Edit

Age I: Attack x0.6, HP x0.6

Age II: Attack x0.75, HP x0.75

Age III: Attack x0.9, HP x0.9

Osiris reduces Gold cost by 10%

Strategy Edit

The Phoenix may at first seem like a poor choice for a Myth Unit as it only has average Attack and below average HP and Speed. Despite those stats, it is also the most expensive Egyptian Myth Unit. But the Phoenix's greatest blessing is its ability to respawn for free after it is killed. Once it is purchased, players will never have to pay for it again, making it very cost effective in the long run. This lets players use it in battle at their leisure without worrying about wasting resources. The Phoenix does have a build limit of 1 however, so when it does get killed, has to be sent back to the battlefield from the player's base. Thankfully it is an airborne unit so it can easily bypass obstacles and quickly rejoin the battlefield.

Gallery Edit