This article is about the unit in the PC game. For the unit in the handheld video game, see Phoenix (Age of Empires: Mythologies).
Civilization Egyptian
Age/God Mythic Age / Thoth
Unit Type Myth unit
Cost 200 gold
30 favor
Population 5
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
40 - 40
Range 4 feet
Hit Points 500
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
15% 55% 80%
Speed 4 feet/second
Line of Sight 20 feet
Train at Temple / Phoenix Egg
Train Time 20 seconds

The Phoenix is a Mythic Age myth unit in Age of Mythology that is available to worshipers of Thoth. They are formidable in combat, causing splash damage with its attack.

Special Ability Edit

When a Phoenix dies, a Phoenix egg is created nearby. A new Phoenix can be trained from it very quickly. The egg, however, is vulnerable and can be destroyed by enemy units.

Attack Bonuses Edit

  • Heroes -75%

Strategy Edit

Since they can fly, only ranged units can attack them, and they deal crush damage, so can destroy buildings easily. Human soldiers fall quickly due to its large attack. Archers can fire back, but unless in groups, they will have little chance of killing it, due the high pierce armor of the Phoenix. Ranged heroes and myth units are their main weakness.

Due to their egg ability they can respawn if the egg survives, so it could be better to send the phoenix first and the army a bit later, the phoenix will attack and could die turning into an egg and then the army must take control over the ground granting the respawning of the phoenix

Mythology Edit

Scientific name -- Aquila inferna
Size -- 800 lbs.
Diet -- Self-fueling

An eagle-like bird with feathers of gold and red, the Phoenix was associated with the Sun and fire. It was long-lived and had the ability to reproduce or reincarnate itself after death. In some traditions, it built its own funeral nest before dying and then a young Phoenix would issue from the dead body. After Christianity began to spread, the tale of the Phoenix changed so that the bird turned its funeral nest into a pyre and self-immolated. After a period of time, usually three days, a new Phoenix rose from the ashes. The Phoenix became a symbol for both immortality and life after death.

"And at the five hundred years' end, the priests array their altar honestly, and put thereupon spices and sulphur vif and other things that will burn lightly; and then the bird phoenix cometh and burneth himself to ashes. And the first day next after, men find in the ashes a worm; and the second day next after, men find a bird quick and perfect; and the third day next after, he flieth his way." -- The Travels of Sir John Mandeville

Phoenix Egg Edit

Civilization Egyptian
Age/God Mythic Age / Thoth
Unit Type Myth unit
Cost Free
Population 0
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
- - -
Hit Points 400
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
15% 55% 99%
Speed 0 feet/second
Line of Sight 4 feet
Train at Phoenix
Train Time 0 seconds

Hatching a new Phoenix directly from the egg costs as much as training one from a Temple. The advantage is that the Phoenix will appear directly above the egg and can continue fighting immediately. Once a Phoenix has been trained, the egg will crack open and disappear. The Phoenix hatched from the egg will not lay a new egg upon its own death.

Mythology Edit

"This is a Phoenix Egg. A Phoenix is awaiting rebirth within. If this Egg is left intact, a Phoenix may be summoned to this spot."

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