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Patagonia is a random map in Age of Empires III.

Description Edit

  • The player should focus on the central ocean in this map, since it effectively creates two choke points on the eastern and western sides of the map, depending on the amount of players. The ocean to the east takes up a lot of land, making the eastern choke point even tighter. There are cliffs scattered throughout the map and Trade Routes behind each player's base. This map has no Natives, leaving players to duke it out with units from the homeland. (Note: The giant lake is not present during free-for-alls.)
  • There is plenty of resources around the map, but a focus point is the ocean and center lake; the lake provides food through fish and the ocean provides food/coin from whales and fish.

History Edit

"On the southern tip of South America, Patagonia is a dry, windy plateau crisscrossed by rocky valleys and stepped shelves of land that slope down from the Andes in the west to the Atlantic Ocean in the east. Pumas (cougars) and humans are the dominant predators of the region, though there are a number of smaller predators, including red and gray foxes and predatory birds.

Plant species vary from grasses and small, hardy shrubs on the plains to evergreen pines and hardwoods on the mountainous slopes of the Andes. The Tehuelches are a native people of Patagonia, rumored by many early European explorers to be giants. They are, in fact, a tall people with the southern Tehuelches generally taller than the northern Tueheulches. All of these sturdy people were probably taller than the Europeans, whose average height in the centuries they first encountered the Tehuelches was several inches shorter than it is today.

Gallery Edit

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