Pampas Tree (also known as Tree-Pampas in the Scenario Editor) is an umbrella term for three tree species that appear on the Pampas map in Age of Empires III.

Each tree has 6 hit points, provides 300 Wood, and can be chopped down for wood by SettlersVillagers, and Coureur des Bois, as with other trees in the game.

The trees species under this category include birch, pines, and ombu.

Layout of Trees Edit

Trees are often clumped together in large numbers in the map. Each player starts out with a forest situated near their Town Center. Trees can be also found growing near the center of the map near the river. However, in the shallows, tall growing grass takes over.

Along the Trade Route which snakes through the center of the map, tufts of tall growing grass can be found growing in large numbers but cannot be chopped down or gathered for wood.

History Edit

"The rocky plains of the Pampas are grassy and broad with a variety of plants and trees that grow along the waterways or have otherwise adapted to survive the dry, hot climate. The only tree native to the Pampas is the Ombu, it has a massive trunk with softwood that holds moisture well. Poisonous sap keep grazing animals from browsing its saplings, which grow into 40-foot-tall spreading canopies of dark green leaves that provide much-needed shade to the grassy landscape. Pampas grass is a striking 10 foot-tall tuft of bushy grass tussocks with feathery, cream-colored plumes."

In game history

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the game's map version, the Pampas is actually home to one species of native tree and large numbers of wild grasses, reeds, and lilies.

Gallery Edit

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