Pampas is a map in Age of Empires III.    

Overview Edit

It is not a circular map, but instead is rectangular, at an angle.  There will be at least one river with multiple crossing points, a trade route with four trading posts, either starting at the left upper side and crossing the river to the right upper side, or running parallel between two rivers.  

Pampas appearance

There is a Tupi village, usually at the top of the map, and an Inca village, usually at the bottom on the right.  The primary food source is rhea, though llamas provide a good food source for when the rhea are exhausted or enemy action forces your villagers to stay close to home.

Wood is plentiful, and there will be enough silver mines as well.  There are a decent amount of treasures.  

History Edit

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Mini map of the Pampas

"The Pampas is a grassy plains area in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. The grasslands drain from west to east, sloping away from the Andes to the west. The fertile soil supports farming and pastureland for cattle. Cattle were introduced by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century and tended by Argentines and Brazilians called gauchos. By the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, gauchos were romanticized figures, hardy and lean poets of the grasslands. They are the cowboys of South America.

Trees are scarce in the plains of the Pampas, growing chiefly along streams and rivers. The only tree native to the Pampas is the ombu, a massive trunk with softwood that holds moisture well. Poisonous sap keeps grazing animals from browsing on its saplings, which grow into forty-foot-tall spreading canopies of dark green leaves that provide much-needed shade to the grassy landscape.

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