Painted Desert is a map in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. It contains Apache and Navajo tribes.

Description Edit

  • Open like the Great Plains, Painted Desert has a unique terrain that is a mix of brown and red. 4 Native Settlements span across the middle of the map. Either Navajo or Apache occupy the middle two while the one that isn't in those slots takes up the outer two posts. Mesas and cliffs are abundant so some natural barriers can be used to the player's advantage when used correctly.
  • Wood is a scarce resource on the map. There are a few big groups of trees around the edge, but only some very small clusters in the middle and around the Town Center. Both Bison and Deer can be hunted and a few Cows wander around for an extra food boost. Be aggressive and gain map control, because without it players will find themselves with running out of resources quickly.
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Painted Desert Mini Map

History Edit

"Referred to by the Spanish as “el Desierto Pintura,” the Painted Desert has dazzled visitors for thousands of years. With its multicolored bluffs, mesas, and petrified forests, the Painted Desert offers a kaleidoscope of ever-shifting shapes and colors. This natural wonder encompasses over 93,000 acres of Arizona lands.

Archeologists have found evidence that people have lived in this region for nearly 10,000 years. The climate was cooler during the period immediately following the last ice age, and the region’s habitat included large mammals such as bison. Over time, however, average temperatures increased, transforming the area into a more arid and desert environment.

Even with the climate change, the Painted Desert has remained the home of many Native peoples over the centuries. Petroglyphs and artifacts such as pottery and flint spear points provide clues to their lifestyles and culture. The Pueblo peoples particularly were known for their expertise in farming and weaving and they traded these goods extensively with neighboring tribes.

In-game history

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