Pacific Islands mini map

A 7 player death match in Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands is a random map introduced in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas. The map is based off numerous islands in the Pacific Ocean. The map features one large landmass separated by shallows and lagoons forming multiple smaller islands.

Overview Edit

As with the majority of maps featured in the expansion, it features amphibious terrain where both land and naval units may clash.

Players will start out in their own island or will share the island with their teammates in team matches. The island is surrounded by shallows that can be traversed by both land and naval units. The map is an excellent choice for using Demolition Ships which can ram into invading enemy navy and armies. There will be small deep pools throughout the shallows which only naval units can pass through.

The map is considered to be a larger version of Bog Islands with the islands having significantly larger landmass and much thinner shallows making enemy attacks very easy. However, the islands are also similar barren and lacking of resources such as Wood, Stone, Gold, and Food.

Environment Edit

Players begin on their island with a nearby herd of Water Buffaloes and a pair of Rhinoceroses for food. Lone Tigers will also be found throughout the islands and will viciously attack any Villagers and other non military units on sight. Deer will be found grazing the edges of the islands near the shallows.

Trees are plentiful in the map but somewhat scarce in the islands. Near the Town Center, 2-3 Rainforest Trees will be growing with the majority of them clumped dangerously near the edges of the island by the shallows. This will pose an interesting challenge to players as the villagers will be extremely vulnerable chopping those trees from enemy ships and passing armies.

Stone Mines will be found in the islands somewhat close to the Town Center while Gold Mines will be found dangerously close to the shallows similar to the Rainforest Trees

The shallows, on the other hand, feature large jungles of Mangrove Trees and will provide a safer alternative of wood near the edges of the map. Shore Fish and Box Turtles will also found swimming in the shallows where they can be gathered for food.

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