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Ozarks is a standard map featured in Age of Empires III: The War Chiefs.

It is a map based off of the Ozark Highlands, which primarily cover the states of Arkansas, Missouri, and parts of Kansas and Oklahoma. The map tends to be very symmetric with a Trade Route running through the center.

Overview Edit

The key to this map is to keep control of the Trading Posts which run right through the center of the map. By controlling the axis to the trading posts, the player has control over their side of the map and can start inching towards the enemy's lands, Comanche, or Cherokee Natives can be found not far from the Trade Routes.

Silver mines lay scattered around the map. Flocks of Turkey are plentiful along the player's Town Center as well as herds of Deer. There are plentiful trees in the Ozarks that make the atmosphere similar to that of Northwest Territory. Some of the trees are also featured in the Great Lakes map.


Ozarks in-game

Treasure Guardians Edit

Information Edit

"Hilltop trading posts sit beside a trade route that crosses the map from East to West. Teams are split across the trade route.

History Edit

The Ozarks is believed to be a corruption of the French phrase aux arcs (at Arkansas), originally referring to the trading post at Arkansas Port there.

One of the earliest inhabitants of the Ozarks region were the Caddo and Osage Indians, who were found living there by Spanish Explorer Hernando De Soto and his men. Along with the Osage, Cherokee natives also settled in the are but came in conflict with the European settlers who later also came and settled.

As the great American West opened, the Ozarks became crossroads where the earliest telegraph wires were hung through. shortly after the civil war however, the Ozarks became a dead man's land; Bushwhackers and Bald Knobbers would kill anywhere in their way. Slowly but surely did law and order come back to the Ozarks.

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