Osiris Piece Boxes

Osiris Piece Boxes are ornate, gold-laced sarcophagi, carried by camel-drawn wagons, known as Osiris Piece Carts. Four of them appear in the Egyptian part of the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology.

Overview Edit

They contain pieces of the dead god, Osiris, who was killed and cut into pieces by an enraged Set for seducing his wife Nephthys (in some myths, for raping her), who in turn gave birth to Anubis. Then, Set scattered his brother's pieces throughout the land. Osiris’ wife, Isis, was able to reassemble most of his body, however, and resurrect him. The attempt to resurrect Osiris is a major drive in the plot of the Fall of the Trident campaign.

The heroes must resurrect him in order to prevent Gargarensis from getting access to an entrance to Tartarus via the city of Abydos (where Osiris' Pyramid is located), and destroy his forces. In order to do that, they must search for four Osiris Piece Boxes, scattered across Egypt, and held by the bandit lord Kemsyt, the Cyclops warlord Gargarensis and the Minotaur Kamos and bring them together into the Osiris' Pyramid, in order for Osiris to rise again.

Appearence in Campaigns Edit

"It is not easy to kill a god. Osiris is dead, but not dead. If we can reunite his body. he will live again. However, if Kemsyt succeeds in destroying a single piece, all is lost."

Amanra, explaining to Ajax about Osiris' potential ressurection, in Tug of War.

The first piece Edit

The first Piece Box is the most featured one, appearing in five out of ten scenarios of the Egyptian part of the campaign. It is introduced in the twelfth scenario of Fall of the Trident, Light Sleeper, found next to the Guardian, who the heroes must awaken to fight Kemsyt's army.

In the next scenario, Tug of War, Amanra discusses with Ajax about the boxes' purpose, and how Osiris was killed - and how he can be resurrected. Right after, they are ambushed by Kemsyt's followers, who attempt to retrieve the Osiris Piece Cart. After the heroes manage to return the Cart back to base, they head to Abydos, in order to speak with Setna, Egypt's most potent magician. There, Arkantos, Ajax, Chiron, the group's forces and the Cart are cornered by Kemsyt, and imprisoned, with only Amanra escaping from Kemsyt's hands.

In the thirteenth scenario, Isis, Hear My Plea, the Cart is nowhere to be found, having been escorted deep into the city of Abydos, and Amanra is focusing on creating a distraction against Kemsyt's forces and rescue her allies, including Setna.

In the next scenario however (Let's Go), when the heroes have been freed from the jail, they attempt to recapture the Osiris Piece Cart, while staving off assaults from Kamos' pirates and Kemsyt's navy from the harbor of Abydos. Kemsyt's forces do their best to keep the Cart in their hands, even moving it between designated areas to complicate its acquisition, but the heroes eventually recapture it and exit Abydos, to plan the acquisition of the other three Osiris Piece Boxes, all scattered across the land. They will split and try to collect the remanining three Osiris Piece Boxes in three different locations.

The second piece Edit

The second Osiris Piece Box makes its appearance in the seventeenth scenario, The Jackal's Stronghold, with Amanra trying to steal the Box from Kemsyt himself. It is held in an island stronghold, guarded by a sizeable naval and land force, including coast-guarding Leviathans and patrolling forces of War Turtles and Kebenits. Amanra asks for the help of the nearby Nile farmers, who are constantly harassed by Kemsyt's bandits, amasses sizeable forces to land to Kemsyt's base, and confronts her arch-enemy. Although Kemsyt managed to escape thanks to a tamed Roc out of the island, Amanra acquired the second Box.

The third piece Edit

The third Osiris Piece Box appears in the eighteenth scenario, A Long Way From Home, with Chiron trying to uncover the Box from inside the trunk of a giant Tamarisk Tree. it is guarded by Garganensis' minions, in a desert region where apart from Gargarensis' forces, Chiron has to face hostile Mummies, who constantly summon from two desecrated Temples. Soon, Chiron is joined by a band of Norse warriors, led by a Jarl named Niordsir, who pursued Gargarensis all the way from Midgard, as he has united the Giants against the Norse. With their help, and also, the help of local desert nomads, who are being harassed by this region's Mummies, they manage to uncover the third Box from the great tree's trunk, despite the dangers and this land's shortage of resources.

The fourth piece Edit

The fourth and final Osiris Piece Box appears in the nineteenth scenario, Watch That First Step. Arkantos and Ajax, accompagnied by a sizeable army of Hoplites and two siege weapons, try to capture it from the hands of Kamos, who guards the Box in his island base, located somewhere in the Levant. After they free some Colossus constructors (who will then provide them with Colossi) from some Kamos' pirates, they capture two Pirate Ships from Kamos' forces, and sneak their forces across a strait, guarded by large numbers of Pirate Ships and Watch Towers. After they land, they encounter some Egyptian refugees, who are willing to help the heroes, beat Kamos, as they were displaced by him. After they are discovered, the heroes eventually manage to siege Kamos' base and corner him. With nowhere to escape, Kamos makes a desperate, hateful attempt to kill Arkantos, only to be thrusted from his spear, and fall to his death from a nearby cliff.

Where they Belong Edit

After the heroes manage to collect all the Osiris Piece Boxes, they return to Abydos, where Gargarensis has forced the local population into unearthing an Underworld Passage close to Osiris' Pyramid. To prevent him from reaching a way to Tartarus and free Kronos, they must bring together the four pieces of Osiris, so that he can be resurrected and beat Gargarensis' army.

Unit Edit

Osiris Piece Cart
Osiris Box Icon
First appearanceAge of Mythology
Base hit points9999
Pop. use0
Speed2.75 (Cart #1)
1.5 (Cart #2)
Line of Sight7
ResistsHack (40%)
Pierce (40%)
Crush (99%)
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As mentioned before, the Osiris Piece Boxes are carried by special wagons called Osiris Piece Carts. These are technically indestructible, have no attack, and can be captured by enemies. This, combined with the fact their speed is abysmal, means they must be guarded at all times, at any cost.

There are two versions, distinguished merely from speed; one has 2.75 speed, whereas the other has 1.50. The last one appears in Tug of War, an escort mission, where its speed is meant to prevent players from beating the scenario too quickly.

Trivia Edit

  • While there are only 4 pieces of Osiris in-game, the dismembered parts could be said to number as many as 42, each piece being equated with one of the 42 nomes, or provinces, in Egypt.

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