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"I have come upon the Earth and with my two feet taken possession!"
-Osiris' first words after being reborn.
Age Mythic Age
Civilization Egyptian
God Power Son of Osiris
Myth Unit Mummy
Technology 1 Desert Wind
Technology 2 New Kingdom
Technology 3 Funeral Barge
Technology 4 Atef Crown
Osiris is a Mythic Age Egyptian minor god. In the Age of Mythology campaign, Osiris appears as an NPC in a cut scene. Osiris also appears as a god-like hero unit available only in the scenario editor, being able to defeat any unit and Titans even while outnumbered. As a minor god he is available for Isis and Ra.


Osiris provides a wide range of upgrades making him a viable Mythic Age choice in many situations. He improves nearly every aspect of Camelry, making them even more effective in combat. Kebenits are also improved, allowing for an edge in the water as well. He also allows for the creation of another Pharaoh. This allows a Pharaoh to stay at the base to empower buildings and resouces without losing his presence on the battlefield. His God Power, the Son of Osiris, transforms a Pharaoh into an incredibly powerful hero. Moreover this God Power causes a glitch when the New Kingdom technology is researched that allows to have another Pharaoh to spawn, essentially creating three Pharaohs ( 1 Son of Osiris and 2 regular Pharaohs).

God PowerEdit

  • Son of Osiris- Turns a Pharaoh into a powerful, lightning wielding demi-god.


  • Desert Wind- Increases Camelry attack, speed, and HP by 20%.
  • New Kingdom- Grants an additional Pharaoh.
  • Funeral Barge- Kebenits do twice as much damage to other Arrow Ships.
  • Atef Crown- Mummies gain 20% HP, 40% attack, and their minions live twice as long.

Myth UnitEdit

  • Mummy- A ranged Myth Unit that can transform enemy soldiers into minions.

Hero UnitEdit

Civilization Egyptians
Age/God -
Unit Type Hero
Cost -
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
5000 - 5000
Range 25 meters
Hit Points 20000
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
99% 99% 99%
Speed 5 meters/second
Line of Sight 25 meters
Train at Scenario Editor
Train Time N/A seconds

Osiris also appears in the scenario editor as a special hero unit in the form of a god, much more powerful than any other unit. Unlike the greater Titans such as Prometheus and Kronos, Osiris cannot regenerate hit points and has a lower amount of hit points. However, Osiris makes it up for having the highest amount of armor in all categories as well as the highest attack of any unit in the game. In addition, Osiris has the ability to unleash a powerful lightning chain attacks that can deal splash damage to a group of enemy units at a distance. This makes Osiris the strongest unit in the entire game and can easily defeat Titans such as Gaia even while outnumbered.


Being a hero unit, the stats and abilities of Osiris can be improved by technologies that benefits heroes. The type of these abilities and its scope of impact can depend on what civilization is played in the scenario editor.

  • If played as the Greeks, researching Olympic Parentage increases hit points by 5000.


  • Although Osiris attacks at a distance, his lightning chain attacks are counted as hack and crush instead of as pierce.
  • Instead of moving his feet, Osiris levitates in a tiptoe posture as a form of transportation.
  • Despite having a large size and high stature, Osiris is actually a Hero, but is different in that it can defeat any unit type including Titans and buildings.
  • No other unit can defeat Osiris.


He is the father of Horus by Isis and Anubis by Nephthys. His brother is Set and sisters are Isis and Nephthys, His father and mother are Geb and Nut respectively. He was cut to pieces by his evil brother Set, but Isis bound them together by mummification, and resurrected him. He then moved to the underwold to be the god of the dead, but not before conceiving Horus.

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