Orichalkos Wall
OrichalkosWall icon
First AppearanceAge of Mythology: The Titans
Age AvailableMythic Age
Base Hit Points2500
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The Orichalkos Wall is the strongest, most expensive wall in Age of Mythology: The Titans. It is an upgrade of the Iron Wall, and only available to the Atlanteans.

Due to its sheer amount of HP, the Orickalkos Wall is the second best wall in the game, surpassing the Egyptian Citadel Walls' HP by 100, which makes it the ideal wall for a formidable defense. Only the Chinese Great Wall surpasses the Orichalkos Wall, by 100 HP.

This, however, is offset by the fact that they are much more expensive, comparatively speaking, than normal walls (although still cheap), and the fact that they require four upgrades to be built instead of three like the Citadel Walls.

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