Major God Tech Tree Strategy
Introduced in The Titans
Culture Atlantean
God Power ShockwaveIcon Shockwave
Technology Safe Passage Safe Passage
Minor Gods
Classical Age PrometheusIcon Prometheus
OceanusIcon Oceanus
Heroic Age HyperionIcon Hyperion
TheiaIcon Theia
Mythic Age HeliosIcon Helios
HekateIcon Hekate
Building SkyPassage icon Sky Passage
  • Can build Sky Passages.
  • Shares visibility with allies of all Settlements on the map.
  • Human military units move 10% faster.
Flavor Text
Focus Human Soldiers

Oranos is an Atlantean major god in Age of Mythology: The Titans.


God Power Edit

  • ShockwaveIcon Shockwave: Creates a shockwave which casts enemy units into the air, leaving them stunned for a few seconds.

Technology Edit

Unique Building Edit

  • SkyPassage icon Sky Passage: Tower that can be used to transport up to 30 units from one Sky Passage to another.


  • Can build Sky Passages (up to 10.)
  • Shares visibility with allies of all Settlements on the map.
  • Human military units move 10% faster.


Oranos was the solid dome of the sky and one of the ancient element gods from which all life proceeded. He was the first son of Gaia and became her husband. Together they produced the 12 Titans and other offspring that included the Cyclops. Shocked by some of his hideous offspring, he attempted to hide them deep in the bowels of Gaia (Earth), causing her increasingly intense pain. To relieve her suffering, she encouraged her son Kronos to castrate Oranos. Following this emasculation, Oranos (the sky) separated from Gaia (the Earth) and Kronos took over the kingdom of the gods.


  • Krios incorrectly calls Oranos a Titan, Oranos is actually a primordial god and the father of the Titans without being one himself.


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