Oracle Bone Script
Introduced in Tale of the Dragon
Culture Chinese
Major God FuXiIcon Fu Xi
NuWaIcon Nü Wa
Age ClassicalAge Classical Age
Minor God HuangDiIcon Huangdi
Researched At MilitaryAcademyIcon War Academy
Research Time 40 seconds
Research Cost
FoodAOM Food 300
FavorAOM Favor 15
Effect Chu Ko Nu and Halberdiers +15% cheaper and trained 15% faster

Oracle Bone Script is a Chinese myth technology in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. It is available to worshipers of Huang Di in the Classical Age, and makes War Academy units (Chu Ko Nu and Halberdiers) cheaper and train faster.

Effects Edit

  • Chu Ko Nu and Halberdiers cost 15% less food, wood and gold
  • Chu Ko Nu and Halbediers train 15% faster

History Edit

The Oracle Bone Script is believed to be the first Chinese character writing system. It was created by Cangjie, a legendary four-eyed historian at the court of Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor. After the unification of China, Huangdi was no longer content with the 'rope knot tying' method to store information, and he assigned Cangjie the task of creating a new character system. After long days of unsuccessful attempts to complete the task, Cangjie suddenly spotted a Phoenix flying overhead, carrying something in its beak. The object fell to the ground and left an impression of a hoof print. Cangjie could not recognize the hoof print and asked a hunter, who had told him it was from a Pixiu, as no other animal was alike. This inspired Cangjie to create characters that capture all things on Earth with their most defining features and he soon completed the task. The Emperor was delighted with Cangjie's work and the new writing system was quickly adopted.

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