Oprichnik portrait
First appearanceAge of Empires III
Cost90 foodIcon food
60 coinIcon coin
AgeAges fortress Fortress Age
Base hit points250
Pop. use2
Line of Sight15
Resists20% vs. Ranged
Melee damage20
Melee multipliersx3.0 vs. Villager
x2.0 vs. Artillery
x2.0 vs. Siege Unit
Siege damage75
Siege range6
Rate of Fire1.5 / 3.0 (siege)
Train time40 seconds
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The Oprichnik (plural Oprichniki) is a heavy cavalry unit unique to the Russians in Age of Empires III. It is available at the Stable once the Fortress Age is reached.

Overview Edit

Oprichniki are strange heavy cavalry units; they do not possess the hit points or damage that others like the Hussar have. They also have the highest siege damage out of every non-elephant cavalry unit in-game. Oprichniki enjoy a damage multiplier against Villager and artillery units, so this is what they should go for; attacking enemy Villagers, artillery and taking out strategic instillation placed by the opponent. A fully upgraded Imperial Oprichnik can take out settlers in 2-3 hits.

Due to their unconventional damage, Oprichniki should avoid fighting in hand-to-hand combat, as they will surely be killed. Ranged cavalry can also be an issue because of their multipliers against heavy cavalry.

When besieging enemy settlements, Oprichniki should target the buildings that the opponent needs desperately. Such buildings include Forts (if they are in the settlement), Town Centers (this will cripple some AIs, and for players, make a great setback in the middle of the game) and resource buildings. Players should ensure that the enemy is not around, as the attack will be nullified if they are near their settlement when they player attacks them. Place scouts of some sort (preferably Streltsy) around the area; this way, the player will know when to retreat before the enemy army returns and slaughters them. Have half of them attack enemy settlers while the remaining take down enemy buildings; if the player attacks at the right time, they can easily cripple or even destroy the opponent before their army is able to get back to defend it.

Upgrades Edit

Oprichniki benefit from Technologies found in the Arsenal though, better improvements for them are available at the Stable once the player advances through the Ages.

Guard Oprichnik Edit

The Guard Oprichnik is the next rank and is the first major upgrade of the Oprichnik. The Technology needed to produce them is available in the Industrial Age at the Stable. 600 woodResources wood and 600 coinIcon coin is required prior to research. This Technology improves the hit points and the attack of the Oprichnik greatly; however, the multipliers as well as their speed remains the same.

Hit points: 325
Melee attack: 26
Siege attack: 97

Imperial Oprichnik Edit

The Imperial Oprichnik is the next and final upgrade of the Oprichnik. The technology needed to produce them is available during the Imperial Age at the Stable. 1,500 woodResources wood and 1,500 coinIcon coin is required prior to research. This technology improves the hit points and the attack of the Oprichnik greatly; however, as with the earlier rank, the multipliers and speed do not change.

Hit points: 450
Melee attack: 36
Siege attack: 135

Shipments Edit

This is a list of shipments that benefit Oprichniki in any way.

History Edit

"Oprichniks were the police and soldiers of Oprichnina, a royal domain created by Ivan the Terrible. Tsar Ivan used his Oprichniks to crush any hereditary opposition to his rule. These soldiers carried out their Tsar's will with unflinching loyalty and were brutal and ferocious thugs.

The Tsar's goals were not especially original, but Ivan the Terrible and his Oprichniks operated on an unprecedented scale. One attack on the city of Novgorod took the lives of at least 3,000 people. They were slaughtered over the course of a week. Some accounts put the death toll as high as 60,000 people.

The Oprichniks promoted a fierce appearance, wearing all black uniforms and riding black horses. The Oprichnik seal bore a dog, symbolizing their loyalty to the Tsar and their tenacity in fighting for the Tsar, and a broom, to represent sweeping away the Tsar's enemeies.

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