Open Fields is a random map introduced in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon.

Overview Edit

"The outer forests give way to large open expanses perfect for farming. Periodic rain is an integral part of this land."

Map description

Open Fields icon as seen in the map selection menu

The most noticeable feature of this map are the many unclaimed Farms scattered across its center. These are usually found in clusters of five to six surrounding a Settlement. Claiming a Settlement will consequently secure several free Farms for a player.

Early farming is further encouraged by Mother Nature who regularly casts the Rain god power, speeding farming rates for all players. However, the center of the map is virtually absent of trees, making these forward bases very difficult to defend.

Using god powers on this map is rather tricky as the Rain blocks other god powers. Players who don’t time their attacks properly can find their assault hampered, for example on a Wonder when unable to use Earthquake.

Gods who make the most of these features include Zeus, Ra, Loki, Kronos and Nü Wa.

Environment Edit

Although farming will be very important on Open Fields, it is not the only available source of food. Berry Bushes are readily available near starting Town Centers and there are plenty of Yaks scattered across the map. Players can also hunt Deer, Aurochs, Tigers, and Lizards.

Most of the forests are located around the perimeter of the map and consist of large clusters of Jungle Trees and Bamboo.

Similar Maps Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Open Fields is one of two maps where Mother Nature casts god powers. The other is Nomad.
  • It is also the second map to feature buildings that belong to Mother Nature, the other being the Valley of Kings map (that features Bandit Migdols).

Gallery Edit

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