""Run! More bandits! Bandits!""

The Old Man's reaction to the arrival of Arkantos and Ajax.
Old Man
AoM Villager Greek Icon
First appearanceAge of Mythology
Base hit points150
Pop. use0
Line of Sight5
ResistsHack (20%)
Pierce (20%)
Crush (20%)
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The Old Man is a minor character that appears briefly in the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology. In the opening cinematic of the More Bandits scenario, he is initially frightened by the sudden arrival of Arkantos and Ajax in Ioklos, mistaking them for more bandits. After realizing his mistake, he reveals to the heroes that Ioklos was attacked after departure of the Greek troops and that Chiron has been captured.

History Edit

"Age -- 81
Homeland -- Ioklos, Greece
Occupation -- picker of berries

Special attack -- makes some mighty strong tea

A native of the city-state Ioklos, this old man used to make his living picking berries on the steep, rocky cliffs of the port town. Most of his family was killed by the bandits who invaded after the Greek armies left for Troy. He has fallen into madness and scurries around the docks calling warnings to any and all that he sees.

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