"Players start on islands that are connected by shallows. Overgrown temples are present on the map that can be used once they are repaired by players."

Map description

Old Atlantis icon as seen in the map selection menu.

Old Atlantis is a random map introduced in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. It is based on Atlantis as seen in the War of the Titans scenario in The New Atlantis campaign.

Overview Edit

Most of the former home of the Atlanteans is partially submerged in shallow water but units can still travel and construct buildings around the island without trouble. Players begin on hills located near the coastline. Additional hills can be found mostly circulating the coast, which is where the only trees found on Old Atlantis can take root. Additional Settlements and Gold Mines are usually found closer to the center of the island. Given the lack of obstacles aside from a few pools of deep water, defensive players will struggle on Old Atlantis so a more aggressive tactic is preferred. There are however islets not far offshore that provide additional resources, so players may choose to ferry some of their worker units away from the battlefield. Good major god choices include Zeus, Poseidon, Loki, Oranos, and Fu Xi, all of which are both good at rushing and naval warfare.

Environment Edit

Little fauna and flora has survived the destruction of Atlantis. Miraculously, cattle still roam the last pastures that remain. There are also herds of Deer and sedges of Crowned Cranes that worker units can safely hunt. The absence of fishermen for ten years has allowed fish population to boom in the waters around and within Old Atlantis. They likely provided food for the last Brown Bears remaining on the island. The last remnants of the once grandiose civilization are a few Greek-style ruins.

As with any other map set in Atlantis, it is based on the Azores (the supposed remains of Atlantis) and other mid-Atlantic Ocean islands.

Similar Maps Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Due to a error, or changes in development, the overgrown temples mentioned in the description are absent on this map.
    • It's possible that they were removed, with the description never being changed due to the overgrown temples lacking the ability to train and research, as the temples weren't intended to, as balance for Atlantis Reborn.
    • The .xs (where code is used to shape the map, and spawn objects relevant to the RMS is stored) contains no mention, or any relevant code to spawning the Overgrown Temples, suggesting either the idea was scrapped, or that the Forgotten Empires falsely advertised such a feature.

Gallery Edit

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