This article is about the god in Age of Empires: Mythologies. For the god in Age of Mythology, see Odin.

Odin is the all-father and a Norse major god in Age of Empires: Mythologies.

Attributes Edit

God Power Edit

The Great Hunt: Heroes, Huskarls and Ulfsarks gain +40% Attack and +1 Movement. Lasts for 3 turns.

Minor Gods Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Human units regenerate 5% of their HP per turn.

Unique Unit Edit

  • Huginn and Muninn: At the beginning of a Skirmish or Multiplayer game, Odin provides these two Ravens to help scout the map.

Researches Edit

  • Heroism: Heroes gain +10% HP.
  • The Wanderer: Ulfsarks gain +3 Movement.
  • One-Eye's Blessing: Ulfsarks and Huskarls gain +1 Sight and +5% Attack.
  • Wisdom of Mimir: Human units gain +5% HP and +5% Defense.

Trivia Edit

  • As a possible oversight, One-Eye's Blessing also benefits all human infantry, Priests and Ox Carts.