Oasis is a random map in Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology. The map focuses on an central water area surrounded by a thick palm forest, with niche resources, and a vast desert surrounding it.

Age of Empires II Edit


The Age of Empires II version, note the asymmetrical forest.

The Age of Empires II version  consists of a desert map containing a single, large waterhole in the center of the map, with a gigantic palm tree forest surrounding it.

Trees are limited outside the central area,  but extremelly plentiful in the center. This map is highly asymmetrical, as some areas are less forested than others; these are the ideal to chop down as quickly as possible, as they allow access to the central lake, where there's Fish that can be gathered by Fishing Ships.

The point of this map is to have control of both the Gold, Food and Stone-rich desert, but also to exploit the resources of the central oasis as much as possible, while simultaneously denying these to enemies.

Age of Mythology Edit

Most of the wood lies in 1 to 4 oases in the center. Build walls to the center to stop enemy incursions. -Map description.

This one is somewhat different from Age of Empires II version. Apart from being somewhat more symmetrical, concerning the oasis' forests, the fauna is more varied and of African origin, including Giraffes, Lions and Gazelles, all found in African/Egyptian maps. Also, the central waterhole(s) lack Fish, thus a player is forced to focus more on the desert region, concerning resources.

But most important of all, the Age of Mythology version may include from one to four waterholes. The in-game description correctly recommends to build walls to the center, but it only applies to multiple waterholes, not when there is a single one.

Gallery Edit

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