Northwest Territory map

The Northwest Territory map

The Northwest Territory is a map in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.

Overview Edit

There is a big river that crosses the western part of the map. In the middle of it, another river shoots off to the east, which is then divided into two other rivers. All resources are plentiful, and Nootka and Klamath settlements can be found among the trees.

The map layout is different depending on the amount of players. In a 2 on 2 battle there are much more resources, especially fish. In a Free For All there is no smaller river and only two Native Trading Posts. There are two Trade Routes with either 2 or 1 Trading Post on each island.

On the mainland the treasures aren't that great, but the treasures on the opposite island are very good, proving lots of resources and so on.

Building walls to cover the crossings of the rivers will stop the enemy getting to the player's side and allows them to gather plenty of resources to train a good army, though players will need very good defenses. If the opponent does this, it is recommended to transport soldiers by boats and land them on the enemy's side of the river.

Treasure Guardians found here are Edit

History Edit

"The Northwest Territory is a land of cool, lush rainforests, magnificent mountain ranges, high desert plains, rocky coastlines, and rivers teeming with salmon.

Long before Lewis and Clark began their arduous and remarkable journey across the North American continent in the nineteenth century, the upper Northwest corner had been home to a diverse blend of Native American cultures. With its moderate climate and extensive natural resources, the Northwest offered a rich environment within which many different tribal nations could develop and flourish, including the Nootka, Haida, Quinault, Makah, Puyallup, Tlingit, Tsimshian, and Snohomish.

Even with its abundant resources (including timber, fur, and fishing), the region remained relatively ignored throughout much of the 1800s, with probably no more than a couple thousand U.S. settlers and maybe 30,000 Native Americans. John Jacob Astor and the Hudson’s Bay Company both established trading companies in the area during the early half of the nineteenth century. Yet the Northwest remained fairly remote until gold was discovered in the Yukon in 1890. The resulting influx of treasure hunters transformed Seattle from a backwater seaport to a bustling, metropolitan city.

In-game history

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