"Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Holland"

Map description

Norse Lands mini map with eight players

Norse Lands is a Real World random map introduced in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. It mostly depicts the Scandinavian Peninsula, but also the surrounding parts of Europe as well as Iceland.

Overview Edit

As the water on the map is connected and spread wide over almost the entire map, controlling it is something to strike for on this map. Fish is also plentiful, especially in the Norwegian Sea. Wood is plenty, which allows walling of areas and building up a strong navy. There is also a lot of wildlife on the map, so early and intensive scouting is helpful in order to secure a steady early food supply.

Early naval dominance and rushes are highly recommended, to control the rich fishing waters and harass the enemy's economy.

Environment Edit

Set in the winter season, the Norse Lands map is snowy, with many of the coasts being covered with ice. The forests are home to typical European fauna, Wolves, Wild Boars, and Deer. There are also many stray Sheep and some Forage Bushes around the map. There is much pack ice in the seas (mostly in the Norwegian Sea).

Gallery Edit

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