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Nomad map set up

Nomad is a style of Skirmish that denotes the period before the Dark and Discovery Age in Age of Empires II and III. In both games, players do not begin with any buildings and need to build a Town Center before they can advance technologically.

Age of Empires II Edit

In Age of Empires II, players begin with three Villagers scattered about the map.

Tactics Edit

Ideally, when picking where to build their Town Center, players should vie for a settlement that includes an abundance of every resource, but Food and Wood are top priorities since without them the player cannot build houses or train villagers. The player should try to explore as much of the map as possible with the other villagers and do not wait a long time to build a town center because the enemy might have already built his.

In multiplayer, teams can try to unite their villagers early in the game in an attempt to quickly destroy their opposing player's forces. However, such a tactic is risky at best since if this tactic to fail, the team would be at a severe economic disadvantage. Teams may also build their bases very close to each other (or even together), trading availability of resources for safety.

Age of Empires III Edit

In Age of Empires III you start off with an Explorer and a Covered Wagon (Europeans) / War Chief and a Town Travois (Native Americans) / Monk and a Town Rickshaw (Asians) to build a Town Center for free. Free villagers and resource crates spawn when the Town Center is built. Asian Civilizations get a free resource Rickshaw e.g. the Japanese get a Cherry Orchard Rickshaw. This, once built, can be farmed by villagers for a resource.

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