Nobles' Hut
Nobles Hut Portrait
Military - Defensive
First appearanceThe WarChiefs
Cost200 wood
100 coin
AgeAges fortress Fortress Age
Base hit points3000
Build limit7
Line of Sight34
UseTrain units
Upgrade units
Defend an area
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The Nobles' Hut is an advanced infantry building exclusive to the Aztecs in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.

Overview Edit

The Nobles' Hut is an improved version of the War Hut, with more HP, and a superior attack. It is the place where the Aztec upper infantry are created. The Nobles' Hut can be built after reaching the Fortress Age.

Units Edit

From the Nobles' Hut, the following Units are created:

Technologies Edit

These are the technologies that can be researched from the Nobles' Hut:

HC Shipments Edit

  • Scorched Earth (Nobles' Hut units attack vs. buildings increased)
  • 2 Nobles' Hut Travois
  • 3 Nobles' Hut Travois
  • 4 Nobles' Hut Travois
  • Aztec Fortifications (War Hut and Nobles' Hut build limit increased by +6 each)
  • Heavy Fortifications (Grants free improvements on Walls, War Huts, and Nobles' Huts)
  • Stone Towers (Line of sight and range of War Huts and Nobles' Huts increased by +6 each)

History Edit

"In Aztec society, membership in the calpulli established each individual's religious and secular schooling, as well as how they would be trained in warfare. The men of a calpulli served together in battle and on the numerous public works projects. Their soldiers wielded weapons of wood and stone, and they often sought prisoners to be sacrificed in religious ceremonies.

The male children of the upper classes attended a special school called a calmecac. It was there they learned the secrets of the Aztec priesthood and how to perform religious ceremonies and responsibilities - in essence, grooming them for leadership, since in Aztec society government and religion were virtually indistinguishable.

In Other Languages Edit

  • Spanish: Barracón de Nobles
  • Polish: Chata arystokracji

Gallery Edit