Scenario Info
Game EmpiresIcon Age of Empires
Campaign Voices of Babylon
Civilization Egyptians
Color Blue
Course of Campaign
Scenario No. 8
Previous Lord of The Euphrates
Next N/A

Nineveh is the eighth and last scenario of the Voices of Babylon campaign in Age of Empires. The goal is to destroy the Wonder that is being built by an enemy team.

Scenario Instructions Edit

The Assyrians have been pushed back from Babylon and now the tide has turned. The Assyrians have fallen back behind the mighty walls of their capital at Nineveh. Destroy Nineveh's Wonder to break the power of the Assyrians forever. If necessary, destroy any Assyrian allies that stand in your way.

Objective Edit

  • Destroy Nineveh's Wonder.

Strategy Edit

Babylonia (Blue, Egyptians) start off at the southern end of the map, with a sizable town, but no Villagers. Ninevah immediately starts building a Wonder.

There are six enemy teams on this map, but four of them are only represented by a handful of units or buildings, and represent no strategic threat. The other two are the red Ninevah (Greeks, and the yellow Enemy (Babylonians).

You don't have any Villagers, so start training a few Priests to convert some, and some Hoplites and Stone Throwers to protect them. As the units train, some enemy ships might get too close for comfort. If this happens, send your navy to deal with them, and train some new ships in case you lose any.

Send your units to the yellow island. Destroy all towers with the Stone Throwers, and use the Hoplites against soldiers. Convert any Villagers you come across. Ship some of them back to your base, to build a Town Center and gather resources, and keep others to build military buildings on the yellow island.

Keep destroying troop-producing buildings and towers until you feel in control of the yellow island. Start gathering resources for your final assault.

Ship units across to the red island - the south side is a good landing site. Destroy anything that represents a threat, apart from those soldiers you convert (Elephant Archers and Phalanxes are particular good conversion targets). Once you find the Wonder, destroy it to win the map.

Historical Outcome Edit

"The combined assault by resurgent Babylonia and the Medean newcomers from the east took Nineveh in 612 BC, ending Assyrian power forever. In a few decades, the mighty Assyrians went from capturing Babylon (648 BC) and Susa (639 BC) to ceasing to exist as an empire.

Babylonia entered its last period of glory. Nebuchadnezzar II was its most successful king, remembered best for capturing Jerusalem, capital of Judah, in 597 BC. Following the revolt of Jerusalem in 587-586 BC, many residents were carried off to Babylon and kept there for several generations. This was the Babylonian Captivity described in the Bible.

The Babylon of this period was perhaps the most impressive city in the world. The wealth of trade and empire was expended on monuments, ziggurats, and palaces. The giant walls and Ishtar Gate were described in detail by Herodotus and listed as a wonder of the world. The famous Hanging Gardens were built to resemble a verdant mountain and remind Nebuchadnezzar's wife of her homeland.

The final Babylonian Empire lasted until 539 BC. During that year, the people of Babylon surrendered their city to the great Persian king Cyrus. They had grown tired of incompetent rulers and were ready to accept the wise and powerful Persian king.