Nile Delta is a Random Map in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms.

"The lush vegetation and fertile soil draw both allies and enemies, can you win the battles over the legendary river?"

Description Edit

Players begin close to each other, on islets found on the northernmost part of the map. These are arid, with sun-baked terrain, and feature nothing but a herd of 4 Goats, and some acacia trees. Gold and Stone, as well as huntables are practically nonexistent on the islets.

Players must invest in Transport Ships as quickly as possible, in order to disembark Villagers to rich mainlands to the west and east of the river (depending on the starting positions of the players), that features generous amounts of fauna, but most important of all, Stone and Gold.

Also, the Nile features decent amounts of fish, though Food in the mainlands might be easier to protect against raiders. Either way, it is recommended to rush with naval units and restrict movement on other players' islets, as well as to prevent them from disembarking Villagers to the rich mainland.

Environment Edit

The islets featured as starting positions are found on the mouth of a large, navigable river that divides the map into two portions, each with a fertile mainland. As mentioned before, the islets on the delta are arid, and feature only miniscule amounts of trees and Goats.

On the other hand, the mainland features a savanna-like biome, with substantial forests composed of acacias. Goats are plentiful on this map, while wild fauna includes Elephants and Ostriches.

Starting Resources Edit

  • Sheep: x4
  • Boar: None
  • Deer (patch): None
  • Berries (patch): None
  • Gold (pile): None
  • Stone (pile): None
  • Trees: Sweet FA
  • Other Notable Features: Pilgrim type start. No Scout. Spawn small island. Tree lines are not dense. 

Trivia Edit

  • Nile Delta is one of the most disliked random maps in the Age of Empires series, due to its unpredictability, and low land resource size.
  • Ironically, both Elephants (from the Antiquity) and Ostriches went extinct in the Egyptian part of the Nile.

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