Naval Shipyard
First AppearanceAge of Mythology
Base Hit Points1200
UseBuild military naval units
Research military naval techs
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The Naval Shipyard is a Scenario Editor-only building available in Age of Mythology. Much like the Shrine, it had a larger purpose in the beta.

Overview Edit

"Large cities use shipyards to mass-produce warships."

The Naval Shipyard functioned as a Dock that only trained military ships and researched navy technologies. Whilst the Dock only functioned for economic uses, such as building trade boats, fishing ships, and transport ships.

Units Edit

History Edit

"This building produces ships of war. A dominant navy was very important to ancient people, as it allowed them to protect and patrol their coastlines and trade routes, but also to attack the coastlines and trade routes of other countries. The Norse went "Viking" to raid others for trade goods and gold -- it was the skill of their sailors and their sturdy, swift longboats that allowed them to do so for many centuries."

In-game help section

Trivia Edit

  • Due to being a scenario-editor only and beta unit, the Naval Shipyard lacks, Atlantean and Chinese equivalents as well as mythic age visuals.
  • Originally, a similar building was planned in Age of Empires II: a Dock that only trained Military Ships and researched Navy Technologies.

Gallery Edit

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