Naval Oxybeles is a common technology in Age of Mythology. It upgrades siege ships (the Juggernaut, War Barge, Dragon Ship, Siege Bireme and Siege Junk) to heavy siege ships, increasing their hit points, range, Line of Sight and damage to buildings.

Effects Edit

  • Siege ships +10% HP
  • Siege ships +12 range, +9 LOS
  • Siege ships damage x1.5 vs buildings

History Edit

A Greek version of the ballista was called the Oxybeles, meaning “bolt thrower.” Descriptions have survived of this weapon firing either one or two long arrow-headed bolts. Hand winches at the rear of the weapon pulled back a large composite bow of laminated wood and sinew to a force far greater than a man could achieve unaided. Mounted on a ship, these weapons would have a devastating effect on fortifications on shore.

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