The Native Embassy is a building in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs that can be constructed if the player controls a tribe settlement, see Tribe. The Native Embassy allows tribe units to be recruited from the Embassy, as well as the Trading Post at the tribe settlement. This allows tribe units to be trained closer to the frontline, and at a location that a player desires, rather than the random locations of map-specific tribe settlements. Only tribe units available from Trading Posts can be trained from the Native Embassy. If a Trade Post is ever destroyed at a tribe settlement then the tribes units can no longer be trained from the Native Embassy.

Each player can construct up to 3 Native Embassies.

Trainable Units Edit

History Edit

"Establishing an embassy is more than simply erecting a building. An embassy represents one civilization or country formally respecting and acknowledging the legitimacy of another. Embassies serve as powerful symbols in the overall context of how societies conduct business, trade, and sometimes war."

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