Narrows is a random map in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome.

Overview Edit

While the name would hint towards a turtle-friendly map, like Jotunheim, Narrows is another partially-water, partially-land map that has land extending from one side of the map to the other. Players start in a single landmass or in 2-3 landmasses with water that might or might not completely surround their entire coastlines.

This map draws similarities to both Continental and Islands (the large Islands version, to be precise), but there are two facts that differentiate Narrows, namely its landmass(es), as well as the layout of the water; the first are large, asymmetrical and consume the most space on the map.

This means that while naval battles are not something that should seldom occur, there is less water than in other naval maps, and there should be more emphasis to land battles instead. Nonetheless, Light and Heavy Transports are indispensable, but players should invest less in military ships and rush with landing parties.

Similar Maps Edit

Note: the following maps are not added because of similarities concerning gameplay, but simply because of similar land-water ratios and layouts.

Gallery Edit

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