Musket Rider
Musket Rider Icon
First appearanceThe WarChiefs
Light cavalry
Cost55 foodIcon food
100 coinIcon coin
AgeAges fortress Fortress Age
Base hit points205
Pop. use2
Line of Sight15
Resists30% vs ranged
Melee damage9
Melee multipliersx3.0 vs. Melee cavalry
x2.5 vs. Artillery
x2.0 vs. Coyote Runner
Range damage20
Range multipliersx3.0 vs. Melee cavalry
x2.5 vs. Artillery
x2.0 vs. Coyote Runner
x0.5 vs. Villager
Siege damage10
Siege range6
Rate of Fire3.0 / 3.0 (Ranged and Siege)
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The Musket Rider is a ranged cavalry unit unique to the Iroquois in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.

Overview Edit

The Musket Rider is used best against Villagers and Cavalry. They have a very high speed and can even employ hit-and-run tactics against Hussars. They have a large attack that does x3 vs. cavalry and x2,5 vs. artillery. They can be trained in the Fortress Age at the Corral.

Concerning Ranged Cavalry, they are well-rounded in most respects, but they have two slight advantages. The first is their low Food cost, allowing an Iroquois player to invest more in food-hungry units, such as Aennas and Villagers. The second is their x2,5 anti-artillery bonus, allowing mixed groups of Kanya Horsemen and Musket Riders to crush massed Artillery.

However, as the Iroquois have limited Home City Cards and technologies for their Cavalry, they become mediocre in later game, and fall behind other similar, more upgradable units. They have only two Cards that benefit them: Cavalry Combat and Cavalry Hitpoints, both essential for cavalry-oriented civilizations, and they also come an Age later. On top of that, they only have two upgrades, Ranged Cavalry Caracole, and a speed upgrade at the Corral.

All in all, their use is fairly situational and they fall flat into later stages of the game, so it is highly recommended to prefer massed Tomahawks as anti-cavalry, simply due to their cost-effectiveness; they may be slow, but are cheap, cost Wood instead of Gold, have a vast array of upgrades available, and can be easily amassed from War Huts.

Upgrades Edit

Musket Rider originally acquires Elite status, hence the stats of the unit when trained become:

Hit Points: +25% (256)
Hand Attack: +25% (11)
Ranged Attack: +25% (25)
Siege Attack: +25% (12)

Shipments Edit

History Edit

"The Iroquois fondness for guns and willingness to adopt new modes of warfare meant that they quickly applied the use of firearms to mounted warriors. Unlike the old European tradition, among the Iroquois the mounted warriors were not necessarily considered the highest-ranking or noblest."

Trivia Edit

  • Due to firing muskets rather than rifles, pistols or a blunderbuss (like the Dragoon), Musket Riders are the only Light Cavalry who have the same firing sound as a Musketeer.

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