Mountain Pass is a Random Map in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms.

"Lost and scattered in snowy mountains, regroup your villagers build a strong town and conquer the lands around."

Description Edit

Mountain pass is the only map in the African Kingdoms expansion that is not set in Africa, and one of the most interesting.

The start is fairly harsh and can catch new players to this map off guard, as they begin without a Town Center, without a Scout but most important of all, without a set position; they have access to three Villagers, but these are scattered around the map, as in Nomad.

Environment Edit

Unlike other Random Maps of the DLC, Mountain Pass is a Eurasian map, set in an unknown mountainous land. There are no Forage Bushes or Wild Boars on this map, but at least, there are sizeable numbers of Sheep and Deer.

Trees are numerous, but Stone and Gold piles are not. Chokepoints are also plenty, featuring mountains, a random number of lakes and forests.

Mountain Pass itself is a cold, alpine landscape with snow-covered terrain and trees.

Starting Resources Edit

  • Sheep: Lots
  • Boar: None
  • Deer (patch): Some (S)
  • Berries (patch): None
  • Gold (pile): Some (S)
  • Stone (pile): Some (S)
  • Trees: Normal
  • Other Notable Features: Similar to normal nomad start, smaller gold and stone piles though. No scouts

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