This article is about the unit in the PC game. For the unit in the handheld video game, see Mountain Giant (Age of Empires: Mythologies).

The Mountain Giant is a Norse myth unit available once the player's civilization worships Njord at the Heroic Age, or Hel in the Mythic Age.

Attack Bonuses Edit

Special Attacks Edit

Super Shot: bashes buildings with its club, dealing 120 crush damage. Requires 15 seconds to recharge.

Dwarf Kick: Kick away dwarves with its foot, dealing 30 hack damage. Requires 15 seconds to recharge.

God Bonuses and Upgrades Edit

Specific Edit

General Edit

Loki reduces Favor cost by 10%.

Strategy Edit

The Mountain Giant wields a large club and deals high damage to buildings, serving as a myth unit stand-in for siege weapons. Giants can be used effectively against almost any unit and have a large amount of hit points to compensate their low armor. Their special attack is a super shot from his club which deals 120 crush damage to buildings and aiding to take down enemy fortifications, or when used against dwarves is a punt attack. However, like all myth units, they are weak against heroes but attack relatively slow and must be supported in combat.


Scientific name -- Atlas jotun
Size -- 16' tall
Diet -- rocks, trees, sheep, humans

The giants, also known as jotun, were known for their great strength and stupidity. They were antagonistic and destructive. Remarkably, several of the giantesses (who were perhaps not as bestial as the males of their species) had trysts with some of the Norse gods. Thor, Odin, Tyr and Heimdall had a giant for a parent. Both of Loki's parents were giants, yet he was still considered an Aesir god.

Some of the more colorful giants included Hrungnir, whose head and heart were made of stone (and pinned Thor when the Thunderer killed him), Gerd, a giantess who married Freyr (Freyja's brother), Hrimthurs, who built the walls around Asgard in six months on a bet (and was also killed by Thor), and Gunnlod, a giantess who Odin had to sleep with for three nights before he could drink her father's mead.

Trivia Edit

  • Mountain Giants are the only Myth Units to be available to two consecutive minor gods; under the worship of Loki, they are available to Njord in the Heroic Age and again to Hel in the Mythic Age.
  • Mountain Giants are the only Norse Giants to not be available to all three major Norse Gods.
  • Mountain Giants have the highest number of HP of any Myth Unit that can be trained from a temple.

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