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Morgan Black
Name: Morgan
Status: Immortal
Nationality: Scotland
Alias(es): Frank (by Sahin The Falcon)
Affiliation: Knights of St. John
Marital status: Taken
Spouse(s): Elisabet Ramsey (unconfirmed)
Children: Phillip Black (first), Stuart Black (fourth), two unmentioned middle children
Games: Age of Empires III
First game: Age of Empires III
Last game: Age of Empires III

""We are Knights of St. John. We do not surrender!""

Morgan Black
Morgan Black
Any upgrades which boost non-specific hand infantry will also boost Morgan in combat.
First AppearanceAge of Empires III
Base Hit Points1000
Resists40% vs. Melee
Melee Damage40 / 200 (Area 4, Oberhau)
Melee Multipliersx3.0 versus Treasure Guardian (Oberhau)
Range0 / 4 (Oberhau)
Siege Damage14
Siege Range0-6
R.O.F.1.5 / 3.0 (Siege)
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Morgan Black is a fictional Scottish knight born into the Black family of Scotland; he later joined the Knights of St. John. He fights with a sword and uses a technique from the German school of fencing called Oberhau. It is a very powerful whirlwind attack that damages all enemies in a wide area around him, unlike some similar attacks, it does not damage wildlife. Morgan behaves just like a typical Explorer, however he can only build Trading Posts not Town Centers. The character also grants access to Morgan's Flagship during Pirates! and The Ottoman Fort. He is voiced by James Lancaster.

Biography Edit

Morgan Black was born as the son of a village smith and joined the Knights of St. John at an early age. Morgan was unmarried and had no family ties binding him, and devoted his entire life to the knight's order. The fact that he speaks the same Scottish Gaelic words that the Highlander speaks suggests that he came from what was then a Gaelic speaking part of Scotland, most likely Galloway rather than the Highlands and Islands as they were tied up in clann warfare and were less likely to produce knights for international orders.

Morgan fought alongside his commander, Alain Magnan in many battles such as the defense of Malta against the Ottomans. Morgan and the Knights of St. John soon battled in the New World against the Ottomans, Pirates, Spanish and later the Circle of Ossus and their Boneguard. After realizing that Alain Magnan betrayed the Knights of St. John by allying with the Circle, Morgan allied himself with Sahin The Falcon and Elisabet Ramsey to destroy the The Fountain of Youth, thus thwarting the circle's plan.

Later in life it is suggested he impregnated Elisabet, which continued the Black lineage for the following acts of the game. Amelia Black encounters the Old Coot, who is pleased to see the Circle had been defeated twice "in only one lifetime". The character is obviously an aged Morgan Black, while not immortal the waters he drank had extended his life well beyond what is normal.

Old coot

Morgan Black on Old Coot

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