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Not to be confused with Mangonel, the siege weapon.

Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
Kubilai Khan, the successor of Genghis Khan who controlled the Yuan Dynasty in China.
KingsIcon Age of Empires II
Architectural StyleEast Asian
ContinentEast Asia, Central Asia
ClassificationCavalry Archer & Siege
Unique UnitsMangudaiIcon Mangudai
Preferred StrategiesScout Rush, Fast Castle, Cavalry Archer Rush
TechnologiesCastleAgeUnique Nomads
Unique-tech Drill
MapsLand & Water
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The Wonder of the Mongols, the Great Tent of Genghis Khan

The Mongols were a collection of nomadic tribes from the steppes of Central Asia and Siberia. They were fierce warriors who were best known for establishing the largest contiguous overland empire in human history. At the beginning of the thirteenth century, the Mongol clans became united under Temujin who later became known as Genghis Khan following a campaign of foreign conquest of more developed and technologically advanced civilizations to the east and west. At its height, their empire stretched from Korea, across Asia, and into European Russia to the Baltic Sea coast. They held most of Asia Minor, modern Iraq, modern Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet, parts of India, parts of Burma, all of China, and parts of Vietnam.

Although greatly outnumbered in many key battles, the Mongols utilized a variety of guerilla tactics involving highly skilled cavalry archers whose long range and accuracy provided by the unprecedented Mongol recurve bow gave them a great advantage on the battlefield. Much of the army consisted of light cavalry which were extremely light troops compared to those of other armies. This allows them to execute tactics and maneuvers that would have been impractical. Having this mobility made it possible to send them on successful scouting missions, gathering intelligence about routes and terrain suited to the preferred combat tactics of the Mongols. This is reflected by their civilization bonus, team bonus and their unique technology.

Overview Edit

The Mongols' greatest advantages lie in their cavalry archers and their siege weaponry. They also have complete access to all regular infantry technologies with the exception of Halberdiers and all siege weapons except for the Bombard Cannon can be upgraded to their maximum level. This means that Mongol games often include at least some (if not hordes) of Cavalry Archers and Mangudai along with siege rams filled with champions. With their Drills upgrade, a small group of Mongol siege rams can perform hit-and-run attacks on isolated bases and resource collecting operations. Mangonels and Scorpions become unusually deadly as well. Overall, the Mongols excel at mobility and quick devastation. However their defense is somewhat lacking, as their Watch Towers can only be upgraded once and cannot build Bombard Towers. Mongols can also rely on Camels, being, beside the Chinese, one of the two only civilizations not coming from Africa or the Middle East to possess Camels, compensating for their lack of effective heavy cavalry.

Gameplay wise, the Mongols will endure a hard time against civilizations that either have strong anti-cavalry archer capacity (i.e. Berbers' Camel Archers and Genitours, Goths' Huskarls, and Italians' Genoese Crossbowman) or civilizations with very strong camels (i.e. Saracens and Indians) to deal with the Mongol's frontline cavalry. The Mongols will have no problem facing civilizations with less mobile army compositions and/or weaker cavalry (i.e. Teutons, Vikings, Celts, Chinese, Britons, Ethiopians, and many Mesoamerican civilization such as the Aztecs, Maya, Incas) due to their high mobility of their siege weapons and faster firing Mangudai makes it incredibly hard to deal with late game due to the lack of a mobile army that would deal with the Mongol's lategame hit-and-run tactics.

Unique Unit:Mangudai (anti-siege weapon cavalry archer)
Unique Tech: Drill (Siege units move faster), Nomads (Houses retain population even after destroyed)

Civilization Bonuses Edit

Changes in The ForgottenEdit

  • Elite Cannon Galleons removed
  • Mangudai Siege bonus limited to Rams
  • Mangudai (non-elite) delay -50% (from 10 to 5)

In-game dialogue language (Mongolian)Edit


  • tiim uu (yes)
  • zuite
  • za za
  • belen baina
  • bi bodhroy/-o
  • zasah (correct)
  • amar menduu (hello; also means how are you doing?)
  • tek kim
  • modchin (lumberer)
  • amtin tejeegch (sounds like "amhuntujudge", gatherer)
  • anchin (hunter)
  • zagaschin/zaskching (fisher)
  • Hudachmuyrchtytch/Hudahoihrooch (farm)
  • uurhaichin (miner)
  • barilgachin (builder)
  • zasvarchin (repairer)
  • tushaal sons (your command)
  • Bechin
  • khim
  • ouskhri
  • mehiin yosloyo
  • hurailan davsh (attack)
  • aeltchant (attack)
  • vroo shadh ah shadh (attack)


  • soyuchri
  • amr ueno
  • sowaeh sanz
  • tsa tzutey
  • bosrous no
  • bodhray
  • tiimo

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