Mongolia is a map in Age of Empires II and in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. The players start separated across a vast, landlocked plain with plenty of wild animals to herd and hunt for food.

Age of Empires II Edit

Mongolia- AoEII 4-player

A 4 player Mongolia match in AoEII.

The Age of Empires II version features rough cliffs, unusual for a steppe area.

Mongolia has a decent number of chokepoints, thanks to the abundance of rough cliffs throughout the map. Depending on the placement of the hills, it might be a good idea to try a Turtling strategy, though in some areas the space might be open enough to encourage Rushes, especially with cavalry.

Trees exist in neat amounts, typically medium-sized bunches. Sometimes, Gold and Stone patches can be easily walled, as they might be sandwiched between cliffs. The fauna found is typical Eurasian, and includes Sheep, Deer and Wild Boars.

The landscape itself is unusual, as it combines dirt with low grass, snow and pine trees, not unlike the similar map Anatolia, in Age of Mythology.

Age of Empires III Edit

Mongolia - AoEIII

Mongolia in AoEIII.

The Age of Empires III version is included in The Asian Dynasties expansion, as one of several Asian maps featured.

Overview Edit

Mongolia is a map with a rich resource region to the northernmost taiga-steppe. There is a Trade Route that runs along the top of the map; sometimes the route will have 3 sites, sometimes 4 and even 5. Also, there are lot of resources to the north, making it a great idea to take control up there early, as resources at the starting positions tend to run out early.

Silver Mines are found throughout the north. There are decent Treasures available, most notably one close to the Town Centers, that features a trapped Mongol Scout guarded by a Lion-Tailed Macaque. It's a great idea to get this treasure early, to help scout out the map.

It's also a good idea to ally with the Natives, as they can be quite useful; there will be either four Native Trading Posts or five in big team games or big free-for-all games. Native settlement include Shaolin and Sufi.

To the south lies a semi-arid desert-steppe with scarce trees, but also many Gold Mines scaterred around, which is one of the reasons for which this region must not be ignored in favor of the north. The other is the fact the open spaces can be used to rush more easily, because of the few obstacles.

In general, this map is suitable for rushing due to the resources, but it can also be used as a Treaty map, because of no obstructions on walling off.

Treasure Guardians found here are:

Outline Edit

"Players begin in generous grassland. To the north lie the fertile slopes of the steppe, where players will have to extend their reach in order to bolster their economies and reach the distant Trade Route. The number of grazing animals is astounding, and can be utilized to great advantage."

History Edit

"Before it became a country, Mongolia was known foremost as a region of Asia defined by its central region, the Gobi Desert, and the surrounding steppe landscape. The borders of the Mongolian steppe touches provinces of China on the west and east, Siberia on the north, and the Great Wall of China on the south. It may represent the greatest expanse of largely unchanged grassland in the world, supporting wolves, corsac foxes, great bustards, steppe eagles, saker falcons, Mongolian gazelles, and several rare species of crane. In one of the world's last massive migrations, Mongolian gazelles cross this landscape by the millions.

The history of Mongolia is punctuated with empires built by warlords who swept from the steppe on horseback into southern China, conquering the countryside. The greatest of these was Genghis Khan, who in 1205 united the Mongol tribes into one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen.

In-game history section

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