Minor civilizations (often just called Natives, Minors, Allies, Native Allies) are a common element of random maps in Age of Empires III. They usually offer 3 technologies to research as well as 1 military unit to train which can be built in limited amounts and upgraded twice. All major civilizations can ally with minor civilizations through the construction of a Trading Post on a designated socket at their settlements. Players have access to the technologies and units of the minor civilizations only as long as the Trading Post exists. Including the two expansions there is a total of 22 minor civilizations.

Units Edit

Most minor civilizations offer one military unit, which can be upgraded twice. Native units always cost a certain amount of wood and food and never coin and population space. Furthermore, native units have a build limit which players can increase by allying with further settlements of the same minor civilization.

Upgrades Edit

All native units' hit points and damage can be upgraded first in Fortress Age by +25% for 200 wood and 150 coin and a second time by +40% in Industrial Age for 400 wood and 300 coin. The native unit upgrades from Age of Empires III and The WarChiefs are called Elite and Champion while in The Asian Dynasties they are called Disciplined and Honored. In the Imperial Age, players can improve hit points and damage again by researching Legendary Native Warriors in the Capitol for 1500 food and 1500 coin.

Finally there is a wide array of home city cards which can boost native units.

Native Mercenaries Edit

Most civilizations can send native allies from their home city, which are technically mercenary shipments as they cost coin. Furthermore, native units sent from home city have their own build limit, an additional mercenary tag and they are treated by the game as different units. Because of that the visually identical native mercenaries and native units will not simultaneously select when double-clicking one of them. Military unit upgrades in the native settlement still affect both, native mercenaries and native units.

Civilizations Edit

Age of Empires III itself and every expansion came with a selection of various minor civilizations. While in Age of Empires III and The Warchiefs these are Native American settlements the paradigma changes in The Asian Dynasties to religious communities or Holy Sites as Big Huge Games called them in its game manual.

Age of Empires III Edit

Age of Empires III included the following 12 Native American settlements:

  1. Aztecs
  2. Carib
  3. Cherokee
  4. Comanche
  5. Cree
  6. Inca
  7. Iroquois
  8. Lakota
  9. Maya
  10. Nootka
  11. Seminole
  12. Tupi

The Warchiefs Edit

The Warchiefs removed the Aztecs, Iroquois, and Lakota as minor civilizations and replaced them with new ones, because these minor civilizations were added as major civilizations. These 7 Native American settlements were added:

  1. Apache
  2. Cheyenne (replaced Lakota)
  3. Huron (replaced Iroquois)
  4. Klamath
  5. Mapuche
  6. Navajo
  7. Zapotec (replaced Aztecs)

The Asian Dynasties Edit

The Asian Dynasties added the following 6 religious communities:

  1. Bhakti Temple
  2. Jesuit Mission
  3. Shaolin Temple
  4. Sufi Mosque
  5. Udasi Temple
  6. Zen Temple

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