"Where continents, cultures, and world religions collide."

Map description

Mideast mini map with eight players

Mideast is a Real World random map introduced in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. It depicts the area around the Arabian Peninsula.

Overview Edit

Although not that rich on water, navy can be extremely important on the map since there are major choke points in the western part of the map (Sinai and Mesopotamia) that can be completely guarded from the sea. The Arabian sea also offers great amounts of fish. The landmass offers some protection; there are cliffs in conjunction with bigger forests which allow walling areas. Some areas on the other hand - especially the western and eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula - are extremely open. There is an island in the very western corner of the map which most likely represents Cyprus, but is way too far to the coast to be historically accurate. However, it has no importance on the map whatsoever.

Environment Edit

There are a lot of palm forests on the deserts of the map, inhabited by Wolves, Wild Boars, Sheep, and Deer. Only in the area surrounding the Persian Gulf there is a little grass.

Gallery Edit

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