This article is about the unit type in Age of Empires III. For other uses of the term, see Mercenary.
Barbary Corsair

A Barbary Corsair

Mercenaries are specialist units in Age of Empires III.


There are two types of Mercenaries:

  • Outlaws
  • Mercenaries


In the Colonial Age, only outlaw units are available for training. Outlaws are like mercenaries, they are improved versions of units, but, unlike mercenaries, are the improved version of very basic units. They usually cost more population but less coins compared to mercenaries. The types of outlaws available are fixed depending on the map.

Examples are Renegado, which are improved Skirmishers and Pirates, which are improved Rodelero.


Mercenaries can be shipped from the Home City, trained in the Saloon or trained from a Spanish Galleon (with a card shipment). Unlike standard unit shipments (such as military units and Villagers), mercenaries cost large amounts of coin (usually ~100 coin per unit), 1000 coin for Fortress Age shipments of a large squad, and 2000 for Industrial Age shipments of small armies of varied units. The mercenaries themselves are tougher versions of their normal counterparts. They usually cost more coins but less population compared to outlaws.

Examples of mercenaries include Swiss Pikemen, which have greatly increased HP and 22 attack compared to the normal 8, and Hackapells, which do not have a significant durability bonus compared to normal cavalry but the 121 attack (compared to the normal Hussar's 36 in the Fortress Age, when you can get them) tends to make up for this somewhat. Also, although not technically a mercenary, the shipments provided by the 'Church Upgrade' cards function similarly to mercenaries, such as Kalmucks (Dragoons) for the Russians and L'Armée D'Imperial (27 Grenadiers by the Industrial Age) shipments for the French, as you pay a load of resources and can only order them once, although this doesn't use up a shipment card. When a player constructs a Saloon, the mercenaries they train will vary depending on the map and are randomly available every game.

NOTE: Mercenaries are not available in the demo version.

Available MercenariesEdit


Outlaw Use Base Unit Map
Pirate Powerful Hand Infantry Rodelero
Renegado Powerful Skirmisher Skirmisher Rockies

Great Plains


New England
Great Lakes

Comanchero Powerful Ranged Cavalry Dragoon
Pistolero Powerful Musketeer Musketeer
Wokou Pirate Powerful Hand Infantry Rodelero
Dacoit Powerful Musketeer Musketeer
Thuggee Powerful Skirmisher Skirmisher Deccan
Wokou Ronin Powerful Hand Infantry Samurai
Wokou Horseman Powerful Cavalry Archer Cavalry Archer


Mercenaries Use Base Unit
Arsonist Powerful Grenadier Grenadier
Jaeger Powerful Skirmisher Skirmisher
Black Rider Powerful Gunpower Ranged Cavalry Dragoon
Landsknecht Powerful Hand Infantry Halberdier 
Hackapell High Attack, Low Hitpoint Cavalry Uhlan
Scottish Highlander Powerful Musketeer Musketeer
Stradiot Powerful Cavalry Hussar
Li'l Bombard Powerful Artillery Great Bombard
Fusilier Powerful Colonial Militia Colonial Militia
Elmeti Powerful Lancer Lancer
Swiss Pikeman Powerful Pikeman Pikeman
Mameluke High Hitpoint, Low Attack Cavalry Hussar
Barbary Corsair Powerful Hand Infantry Rodelero
Blind Monk Powerful Archer Crossbowman
Manchu Horse Archer Powerful Horse Archer Horse Archer
Ronin Powerful Hand Infantry Samurai
Ninja Powerful Spy Spy
Jat Lancer* Powerful Lancer Lancer
Iron Troop* Powerful Archer Crossbowman
Yojimbo Cavalry Archer* Powerful Horse Archer Horse Archer

( * ) Requires the Atonement Cards

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