"Allies start close to each other and share a large defensible position."

Map description
Megalopolis full view

Megalopolis world view

Megalopolis is a random map in Age of Mythology. It is uncanningly similar to the Savannah map.

Overview Edit


A 4-player game in Megalopolis

Similarly to the other two "African grassland" maps, Megalopolis features open spaces with lower-than-average forests and African fauna and flora. There are also no cliffs, and water is limited to scattered, fishless ponds.

What differentiates this map from Savannah and Watering Hole is the fact the allies start next to each other, not unlike in the Lombardia map. This means that unlike other Arabia-style maps, Megalopolis allows room for some turtling, not because of chokepoints, but simply because their shared starting position is more easily defended.

Players should try a mixed defensive and offensive strategy, sometimes focusing on one more than on another, but nonetheless, close cooperation is imperative in this map. On the offensive, players should use units such as cavalry (Theia's hero Contarii are the best for this role) and other fast units, such as Centaurs. On the defensive, players must partially wall sections of their position, and connect them to their allies' Walls, saving gold and time.

Environment Edit

The fauna is plentiful and variable on this map. Herdables include solely Goats, but harmless huntables include Baboons, Chickens, Gazelles, Giraffes, and Zebras. Dangerous huntables include Hippopotami, Hyenas (rarely), Lions, and Rhinoceroses. Vultures also soar through the skies.

An interesting detail concerning the native flora is the presence of mixed oak and palm forests, coexisting with acacias. Oak Trees can make it somewhat difficult to pinpoint the exact location in Africa.

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