Medium Archers
Availability Norse
Location Archery Range
Hill Fort
Military Barracks
Age Classical Age
300 wood, 300 gold (G, A)
150 wood, 150 gold (N)
Research Time 20 seconds

Medium Archers is a Technology available to the Greeks, Atlanteans, and Norse in Age of Mythology. It increases archer hit points, attack, and Line of Sight.

In The Titans, the Atlanteans receive this technology free and automatically on advancing to the Classical Age. In Tale of the Dragon, that is changed, so that they must research it like the Greeks. The Norse now get this technology, due to the presence of the Bogsveigir, but at half-price.

Effects Edit

  • Archers +10% HP
  • Archers +10% attack
  • Archers +1 LOS
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