Mediterranean is a Random Map in Age of Empires: Rise of Rome, Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology.

Age of Empires: Rise of Rome Edit

This map features a sea in its middle, that supports decent numbers of Fish (including Shore Fish) and Whales. Control of this encircled sea is imperative, for two reasons: first, the mainland tends to be more poor than in most other maps, featuring less huntables.

Second, and most important, control of the sea allows players to easily raid enemy positions by using Transports, and thus avoiding travelling around the circumference of the sea.

Age of Empires II Edit

AoEII Mediterranean2

An AoEII Mediterranean map, note the highly asymmetrical layout.

An inland sea surrounded by land; sounds deceptively peaceful.

Similarly to the AoE version, this map features a central sea, encircled by land. What sets it apart from the AoE version is the presence of herdables (either Sheep or Turkeys), meaning that scouting is even more important in this version.

Also, the layout can be far more asymmetrical than the other versions of Mediterranean. Depending on the starting position of the player, and the proximity of chokepoints and the sea, it might or might not be a sound idea to Turtle, but one should keep landing parties away.

Either way, it is once again imperative to control the central sea, as food resources on the mainland are lower-than-average, and the sea offers an excellent way to save time, by embarking armies with Transport Ships in order to detour the sea's circumference.

Age of Mythology Edit


Mediterranean map in Age of Mythology.

The pastoral countryside surrounding the middle sea supports many herd animals.- Map description.

Mediterranean also features in Age of Mythology as a naval map. A large body of water abundant with Perches and Mahi-mahi lies in the center of the map surrounded by plains. In the center, there might be an islet present, usually featuring lone palms, a Baboon and rarely, a Gold Mine.

There is some wildlife, such as Wild Boars and Deer, to hunt but it will be quickly be depleted. If players do not want to resort to farming too early, they will need to fight for dominance of the sea. Beware of scattered Lions in this land, as they are a threat to passing worker units.

A typical game begins with players engaging in Arrow Ship warfare until one team gains control of the important food source. In the aftermath, the loser or losers will need to manage their resources carefully if they want to win. It takes considerably longer for armies to reach an enemy base as they have to travel around the circumference of the sea.

Gallery Edit

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