Mediocre Bombard
Great Bombard Icon
First appearanceAge of Empires III
Base hit points550
Pop. use7
Speed3.5 (Limber)
1.4 (Bombard)
Line of Sight32
Resists75% vs. Ranged
Siege damage5000
Siege range28
Siege Area of Effect10
Rate of Fire4.0
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A Mediocre Bombard is a artillery cheat unit that is similar to the Great Bombard used by the Ottomans in Age of Empires III. It fires 2x faster than an ordinary bombard, has a much greater splash damage to enemy units, and uses Capybaras as ammunition.

Its description from the game notes how it was made by people nostalgic about Age of Empires I.

Overview Edit

The Mediocre Bombard has a much more powerful attack strength than the Great Bombard, and fires quite a bit faster as well. It has the highest attack of any artillery piece in the game, and can destroy or kill most enemy units or buildings in less than 3 hits. Because of its powerful (and comical to see) attacks, as a cheat unit the Mediocre Bombard cannot be legitimately used as a unit without making the game (though fun) unfair. Even being a cheat unit it is, like most cannon, weak to cavalry, and if it can't kill them all quickly enough they can do a lot of damage to it. To use one of these, simply (during gameplay) push the "Enter" button, opening chat, and type in "ya gotta make do with what ya got" (the exact spelling is needed). A Mediocre Bombard will then spawn at the Home City drop point.

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