Age IronAgeIcon Iron Age
Researched at Temple
Research cost
Gold 600
Effect Sacrifice the priest to instantly convert an enemy unit

Martyrdom (or Sacrifice in Definitive Edition) is a technology only found in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. It can be researched at the temple once Iron Age is reached. To research this technology, 600 gold is required, making it the most expensive technology from the Temple.

Once developed, the priest gains the ability to convert an enemy unit instantly when the priest is sacrificed (press DELETE). This technology can only be used by the player. However, to some players, this technology is deemed useless since the cost for it is expensive and so is the priest.

In Campaigns or quests, this technology can be useful if an ultimate unit crucial for victory is hard to get such as Zenobia's Tower and other powerful heroes. In an actual game it is more cost effective to use two priests to convert each enemy unit instead of researching this upgrade.

History Edit

"Fervent believers who refused to renounce their religion at the risk of death were called martyrs. Witnessing the death of a martyr had a powerful effect on anyone of weak faith. The cause of Christianity, for example, was strengthened by the spectacle of believers who willingly chose death over conversion to a pagan religion then accepted by the Romans."

The Rise of Rome manual